Our mission is to fulfill your expectations before you know them. If you have a certain vision, we will find solutions that will deliver the expected results. If you have a product, service worth it, and only you know it, let us know everyone. We create a story that is real and long-lasting and that will go viral among people, a story that is remembered. Who are we? Colorful group of highly motivated, creative and pragmatic people focused on the same goal.

We focus on looking at projects that guarantee inevitable success!

Everyone is entitled to our opinion.

Our main task is to maintain and increase the value of your brand.
KEC- Digatal Marketing

Прецизна Aнализа

Анализираме позиција на пазарот, моментална вредност, анализа на конкуренција.

Прецизна Анализа

Дознаваме сите детали за конкуренцијата и што треба да направиме за да бидеме далеку пред нив.

Креирање на стратегија

Каде треба да стигнеме и како да го постигнеме тоа.

Креирање на стратегија

Имаме искуство како се брани и како се развива бренд.

Остварување резултати

Јакнење на брендот.

Остварување резултати

Кога добро ќе се подредат сите детали, успехот е неизбежен.
Hours creating

Qualifications we have:

We are constantly updating ourselves with knowledge in all new areas, which are indispensable and enable us to keep up to date with all new technologies and methods.


What is not learned and must be nurtured and developed throughout life. With each subsequent project, with each new field we master, our creativity grows. We work on projects in different domains and it makes us think of solutions in different categories. All of this helps us to refine our creativity on a daily basis, which we are especially proud of.



We have ten years of experience in the area of brand creation, strategy creation and brand development. In different areas and in different categories. All sorts of artillery and tactics, with one purpose – achieving the desired results.

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The hard part is always knowing what we need and want. The solution is the easier part. We are determined and focused on achieving our goals. Whenever you see the goal in your head at any moment, every obstacle is overcome!

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